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Eyeshield 21 Het Community

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Welcome to es21_het! This is a community for all het-related things in the fandom of Eyeshield 21 (by Inagaki Riichiro and Murata Yuusuke, © Shueisha). Keep in mind that we don't have anything against yaoi or yuri, but the purpose of this community is simply to enjoy the het.

01] No bashing, flaming, or rudeness of any kind. Be civil.
02] All topics should be focused on het only (non-yaoi discussions are not considered het).
03] Use proper grammar and spelling. Also, please refrain from tYpInG lYkE dIs or l1k3 th1s, a lot of us find it difficult and bothersome to read.

Anything related to ES21 het is allowed, such as fanfiction, fanart, icons, layouts, etc. Use the lj-cut method at all times (don't know what it is or how to use it? Go here) and label the work properly including ratings. Spoilers also should be mentioned as a warning for other fans who haven't gotten so far yet.

You may post others' works here as long as you have permission. If you don't have permission, then simply post the link to the work - do not copy and paste.

Please follow the rules, and there will be no problem here. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys this community.

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Moderator: rinslet